Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why isn't Wonder Woman in this picture?

Because Gail Simone's not writing Wonder Woman anymore. Or won't be starting with issue #601 in July when J. Michael Straczynski takes over. I know this is old news, but for the sake of completeness or posterity or something I wanted to at least mention it here.

I gave up monthly issues of Wonder Woman in favor of trade-waiting and I'm behind even on the collected volumes, so I'm not current on Gail's run. I was liking it when I left off (after the first issue with Genocide), but someone will have to tell me if it maintained its quality.

Wonder Woman's loss is Black Canary's gain though. Black Canary's my other favorite superhero, so I'm thrilled that Simone is relaunching Birds of Prey. I'm glad she's had the opportunities to write some other things in the meantime, but I was very sorry to see her leave that series in the first place.

As for Wonder Woman, Straczynki's not one of my favorite writers, but I haven't read enough of his stuff to have a real opinion on it. He'll certainly bring some attention to the series though and that can only be a good thing.

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  1. That's bad news to me. I find JMS' comics work extremely boring. His premises are cool (see the choice of Brave and the Bold team-ups) and then invariably fall down on execution with dull and pretentious talk-a-thons.

    It's like I respect what he's trying to do, but it just leaves me cold. Sigh.