Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wonder Woman Animated Movie

I just got this today, and the wife wanted me to write a review, so here goes. Pardon my spelling of the Greek name :-)

This DVD is the origin story of Wonder Woman; how she is born, why she wants to leave Themriscyra, how she learns to love man's world.

When Steve Trevor's plane is damaged in combat, he crash lands on a Themriscyra which has been accidentally made visible by Queen Hipolyta. Immediately Diana and Artemis are headed towards the crash site; Artemis with a platoon of Amazons. They finally capture Trevor, and Hipolyta determines he is not a threat. An emissary is to be chosen through trial of skill, and Diana enters secretly. Of course, she wins.

Well, that's the part we all know. The real problem is that Ares, the God of War, has been released and plans to turn the world into a constant battlefield. Diana's secondary mission is to defeat Ares.

Enough of the story. I don't want to spoil anything. How about the movie in general?

The voice talents are very good. A few big names. Rosario Dawson plays a shit-talking Artemis. The other actors were recognizable, but few I knew by name. The animation was good, but it appears they intentionally broke from the Justice League Bruce Timm style (even though he is the producer). It is still animated to that same standard—it wasn't turned into the, in my opinion, poor animation of Marvel's shows.

The two disc set has some nice features. It has a digital copy option. There are featurettes on the upcoming Green Lantern animated movie, as well as Justice League: the New Frontier, and Batman: Gotham Knights. There are interviews with the cast members and production team, and some historical looks at Wonder Woman which I have not watched yet. Additionally there are two episodes of Justice League Unlimited; "A Distant Shore" and "Hawk and Dove" which both feature Wonder Woman prominently.


  1. I watched this on BluRay earlier today and damn it was good. I enjoyed it so much. I only wish DC would give this treatment to all of their major characters. Batman needs a faithful animated movie that's done traditionally, with gray and light blue...Neil Adams style. I would kill to see the saga of when Tim Drake first became Robin. I enjoyed the the animation on WW much more than triangular style of Justice League and the art deco of BTAS. In my opinion, this is the best animated incarnation of any DC character so far...(except for BTAS which is the best overall of course)

  2. And the best line goes to...Steve Trevor. (Whilst under the influence of the lasso of truth)

    Hippolyta: What other depraved thoughts must you be thinking?

    Steve: God your daughter's got a nice rack.

    I really loved this movie.

  3. I agree..great movie. Makes me wish I had a daughter to show it to. I love the way they portray the battle of the sexes and the ways that Steve gets himself in trouble with that Lasso of Truth.

  4. The wife gave it two thumbs up too. I asked her if she liked Wonder Woman as a kid, and she said no. Wonder Woman was too girlie for her. Of course she's at an age where the Super Friends were not around, so there was not a lot of WW to be had.

    For her female role models, she went with Robin and Aquaman... :-)

  5. Oh! I am not alone on the Rosario Dawson front :-)

    That is a fun blog, btw.

  6. I just rented this from itunes yesterday and am only about half way through it-

    So far I think it's great! Wonderful opener, the bg art is beautifully done and the story and voice acting really works for me.

    Actually I'll drop back when I finish it-

    Steve Bunche did a good review of it here if your interested:

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