Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wonder Woman vs Kitana

Okey, I am not a huge fan of this concept... DC heroes don't use lethal force. Mortal Kombat characters only use lethal force. I trimmed the clip of Wonder Woman versus Kitana, because they did at least give Diana some bad-ass moves. The video is worth watching just for the last attack. :-)


  1. If I had to fight someone that would be my first outfit choice. may choose some higher pumps though...

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Fabulastic. Queer the Pitch is really great. Your logo is one of the most fabulously perverse pictures I have ever seen!

  3. Thanks! But I have to say that my logo was made by the great John Webster (see the link in my blog). He really caught the spirit of my blog and did a wonderful job. I also think is one of the most fabulously perverse things (..just like me) he he he

  4. I think Kitana would be the Winner!
    She is so damn beautiful so I would like to defeat her in order to become her husband.
    I'm pretty sure that I would not need viagra online any more