Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonder Woman vs. Lois Lane

Superman cracks me up. Why don't they write him like that anymore?

Thanks to Stormantic for pointing out that this exists.


  1. Superman is a big jerk! But then again, I'd be all about WW too and kickin' Lois to the curb. But she does look mighty cute in those groovy fishnets!

  2. It is always funny to see Superman as such a passive-aggressive prick in the old days.

    I really liked the Justice League Unlimited episode where Captain Marvel joined, found out Superman was an asshole, and left the team.

  3. and how hot does WW look? most WW comics around that time were uniformly awful, but I love Mike Sekowsky's groovy Diana!

  4. Great visual by ... I guess ... Dick Giordano. WW and Lois look both beautiful and distinct from one another. The Super-Dickery is always funny.

    It occurs to me that Lois-Superman-WW is a great potential love triangle. Any two of the three points could get together. Lois and Superman is obvious. Superman and WW has obvious appeal. However, I wouldn't rule Lois and WW out ...