Friday, October 22, 2010

Early Wonder Woman Costume Sketches

A rare Wonder Woman costume planning sketch with back-and-forth notes by artist Harry G. Peter and creator William Moulton Marston (drawn and written a few months before WW's 1941 debut) was recently sold at auction at Heritage Auction Gallery.

The notes read:

'Dear Dr. Marston, I slapped these two out in a hurry. The eagle is tough to handle as when in perspective or in profile he doesn't show up clearly — The shoes look like a stenographer's. I think the idea might be incorporated as a sort of Roman contraption. Peter

Dear Pete -
I think the gal with hand up is very cute. I like her skirt, legs, hair. Bracelets okay + boots. These probably will work out + see other suggestions enclosed. No on these + stripes - red + white. With eagle's wings above or below breasts as per-enclosed? Leave it to you. Don't we have to put a red stripe around her waist as belt? I thought Gaines wanted it — don't remember. Circlet will have to go higher — more like crown — see suggestions enclosed. See you Wednesday morning — WMM'

via Letters of Note via Blastr

Monday, October 18, 2010

Diana and Tigape!

Saw this post on Green Skeleton Gaming Guild over the weekend.

By artist Arthur Adams.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Diana Spin

Not new ones, but a couple from one of my favorite web comic artists David Reynolds.

You can find his DeviantArt page here:  He also has a cool Zatana too.