Friday, November 12, 2010

New Wonder Woman TV Series?

According to Blastr David E. Kelley may be on tap to make a new WW TV series.

In somewhat related news, Lynda Carter is asking Megan Fox to stop trash-talking about Wonder Woman.

I personally thin it is time for a new Wonder Woman series.  But they have to get a cameo of Lynda Carter in there somewhere.  My vote would be as Hippolyta.


  1. I could see Jennifer Love-Hugetits as WW, ten years ago perhaps. I'm not sure how I feel about Kelley doing the show, but he has been successful.

    As for Megan Fox; I like her better after seeing "Jennifer's Body" but I think her 15 minutes might be up.

  2. Hippolyta would be perfect for Lynda Carter.

  3. One thing that is certain is that DEK is a great writer and pretty much single-handedly invented the "Dramedy" format.

    The trouble with DEK is his shows tend to self-destruct after about two seasons, so I hope he gets a bunch of talented people to do this with him.

  4. @Mayren - agreed

    @Tim - It might be good to have someone not overly indebted to the comic book or sci-fi genres involved. Forest for the trees, and such.

  5. Has anyone seen the show Legend of the Seeker? Bridgette Regan would be a great Wonder Woman!

  6. Absolutely, a lot of fans vote for Bridget, she showed great talents in horseriding and fighting scenes, and has at the same time the softness and the "full" physique to get into the part.

    My personal choice before Bridget Regan was Lake Bell, but she got too much thin recently, and she may look too much new yorker typed...

  7. Another idea ! If she hadn't turned 40 recently, which is too "old" for producers, I think Elisabth Mitchell would have been a great Wonder Woman !