Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wonder Woman in the Killing Joke (sort of)

Tim: I posted this to my own blog as part of my Zatannurday series of posts, but it also has WW in it so I thought I would share here.

There are pivotal comics in in world.  Ones that change everything.  One such comic is "The Killing Joke".  It is the story of Batman and the Joker. But it is also the story of Barbara Gordon and how everything changed for her in one day.  How Batgirl was no more and paved the way for Oracle.

But take any game changing moment like that and it is ripe for others to want to look at it anew.

The "Brave and the Bold" banner is for various team ups from across the DC line.  One of last year's best was The Brave and the Bold #33, a team up of Z, Wonder Woman and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).  OR My three top comicbook loves of all time.  Of course it is a powerful piece, but not in the way you expect.

Now I was never a fan of Babylon 5, but I have always sorta liked J. Michael Straczynski as a writer. He has given me reasons not to like him in the past, but this does not disappoint.

It takes place the day before Barbara's shooting and Zatanna has a vision.  We don't know that though.  We just know it Z and WW and they want to take Barbara for a girls night out of dancing.

You can see more here:

Obviously if you have not read The Killing Joke then the emotional impact will not be the same, but if you have then...well, you will have to read it for yourself I think.

-- Spoilers --

Honestly that is some pretty powerful stuff there.
Close up,

Here are some reviews I found interesting, each having a slightly different take

I had no problems with Zee and Wonder Woman not being able to help Babs.  Afterall Zatanna doesn't know when it will all happen anyway and she is sure that if she interferes it will only make things worse.  I also don't have an issue with her precognition; she is magical and weird stuff like that happens sometimes.

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  1. Bittersweet, but a very good story. They can't save Barbara but they give her the only thing they can - a night of dancing to remember.