Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Superman - Doomsday fan made film feat. Wonder Woman

and some nut job in a bat suit. ;)
Thanks to Calvin and his Cave of Cool for this one!

Best to watch these in full screen mode.

Once again Warner this is not hard stuff. Find a good story and make it into a movie.  Dude with computers are doing it all the time.

I love Wonder Woman's entrance into battle in the last movie. Rhona Mitra makes for a fantastic Wonder Woman.

What I like about this is the love and attention put into it by a fan for the fans.  If you don't know the Superman Doomsday story then you might be a little lost, but even then this is great.  Superman battles a giant monster, dies. Batman and Wonder Woman "move in" to Metropolis to kick it's ass.

For the record I LOVED the Superman/Batman back story implied here.

If you have 30 mins, take the time to watch this.

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